About us

Excelling since 2002


Golden Target operates as an autonomous trader specializing in the sale of pre-owned commercial vehicles.

Golden Target stands as one of the leading trading enterprises in the Middle East that can deliver all across the globe, focusing on the sale of used commercial vehicles. Whether you require trucks or heavy equipment like Head Trucks, Chassis, Truck with Cranes, Truck with Block Cranes, Concrete Mixers, Tipper Trucks, Tanker Trucks, Skip Loaders, Hook Loaders, or Compactors, Golden Target is fully prepared to cater to your specific needs.

Moreover, Golden Target sets itself apart through its exceptional customer service, ensuring an outstanding experience for its clientele.


To ensure optimal satisfaction, we meticulously curate a wide range of heavy equipment options, enabling us to offer our clients the finest selection of pre-owned products. Our thorough approach allows us to assist our clients in making informed decisions that align with their industry-specific requirements. By carefully selecting the most suitable vehicles, we aim to guide our clients towards making the right choices for their business.

  • Stress-free heavy equipment.
  • Wide selection of popular vehicles.
  • Trusted by thousands of clients.
  • Ability to handle a wide range of heavy equipment services.